Drywall Installation

Drywall Installation in New Home

What Can You Expect From Our Drywall Installation Services?

To simply put it, you can expect nothing but excellence. Our team puts out the most outstanding craftsmanship and work. There is nothing worse than remodeling your home, getting ready to paint, then noticing seams all along the walls. That is why you need a company that takes pride in the drywall installation services they provide and works their hardest to give you the most satisfactory results. Our team of certified contractors are always professional and accommodating to you. We understand the importance of keeping your day going by doing our best not to disrupt you, while also getting our job done right. That is why we are always on time and ready to work. We don’t need to pester you with a bunch of questions; we are confident in our abilities. Reliable Texture has a reputation for offering our clients with the most quality work and service of any other drywall installation company in the Vancouver area.

Our Drywall Installation Services Include:

  • Hanging drywall sheets: This means measure, cut and fit. We always make sure to custom fit the drywall sheets to form to any molding or shape on your home.
  • Fill joints between panels: We in the cracks with joint compound to ensure that there are no surprises or seams that will show through when your get ready to paint.
  • Paper tape panels: this is to reinforce the drywall and put a second layer to ensure no imperfections will be detected upon finishing.
  • Sand over compound: this is the last step in the process to ensure a smooth finish.
  • Custom Texturing: this will be a custom texture for you to paint over to finish out the look of your walls.

If you have any questions regarding our drywall installation services feel free to call us today. Our staff is ready to answer and handle all of your needs.

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